Let's Go Places

Exterior Design Elements

Hubert Vester (Wilson, NC)

The exterior design of Toyota's Image USA II establishes a highly recognizable signature for the Toyota brand, the dealer and the Toyota product lines. The Toyota trademark in red creates a dominant, tasteful impression that is recognizable from a significant distance. The dealership is clad with light grey metal panels. The showroom entrance is clearly identified with a bold architectural form of illuminated glass. This entryway creates a courtyard, an appealing transition area for customers as well as a new product display zone. The courtyard facilitates clear sight lines into the new showroom, offering an engaging preview for customers.

The exterior architecture provides a contemporary retail experience with clearly signed product showrooms. Scion is distinctively recognizable, offering a clear, separate entrance for that unique customer.

Careful exterior material choices create a distinctive look, and offer see-through visibility to support the needs of dealership staff and customers. The exterior design approach fo the Image USA II program is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of new builds, as well as dealership renovations.

Exterior Core Design Elements

  1. Building Fascia and Brand Signs
  2. Entry Portal with Toyota Logo, Letters and Dealer Name
  3. Light Grey Fascia with Red Band
  4. Materials Palette per Program Standards
  5. Appropriately Identified Dedicated Customer Parking
    • TMS guideline is for all typical parking spaces to be a minimum 9'-0" x 20'-0" with 25' aisles
  6. Site Directional Signage (New Brand Image)